The Jetsons: Arcade Racing was released on November 5th of 2007 when flash games on Newgrounds were getting built. Instead of releasing The Jetsons: Arcade Racing as a flash game, RocketMMO released it late as a downloadable game. This game, unlike other games RocketMMO developed, didn't feature a client.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay featured WASD controls as usual, the game also had a turbo and weapon button. Races had up to 7 racers, there were 12 tracks, and 23 in the two new updates. The game had a high difficulty and each race at least featured some sort of obstacle. In the game, there are several modes. A Single-Player mode (In the latest update, it was featured as simply Solo.) Which featured Time Attack, racing against the clock, in all tracks. A Practice mode, only you racing, good for knowing how to learn the track, Career Mode, racing from Spring to Winter and unlocking artwork and other such things. There was also a Multi-Player mode, Online was shut down in December.

Aftermath Edit

The game was shut down entirely in December 12th, due to many invaders and trolls, and not enough racing entirely. After the game was shut down, in the links page of RocketMMO's other site, it suggested another game was going to created, it was named simply just "The Jetsons"

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