This is the rules page for sending out saves for GFEMMORPG, this page provides information on how to send out saves as well as some rules for you to do it. This page, although not supporting anything about games, should help you periodically at times and will be a guide for you.

Warning[edit | edit source]

If you're sharing out a save that means you have gave up an account PERMANENTLY and are sharing a link for other people to play in your account. If your account provides a real name, PLEASE refrain from sharing a save for it. Since we've updated the game, we didn't allow users for the saves to play Online. If you want users to play Online, then list your title saying that you want people to play Online.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

To create a link, you have to first have the game. If you do have the game, that's great. Go to the Options Menu and click 'Save Options'. This will give you options on where to save and where your profile was or loading a game. Click the button that says 'SAVE LINK'. Clicking it will open your default browser and heads towards the forums. In the forums, you have to create a thread. Some example threads include:

My Save (Offline/Single-Player Only)

Rollo's Save File Lols (Online/Singleplayer)

You can provide a detailed description showing your save. Your save can include up to 3 mods and 3 DLC's. Completion of campaign mode is required whilst number of unlockables isn't.

To get a link for your save, contact an admin on the forums or on the website here. Once you get a link, you will finally activate a save.


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