RocketMMO (formerly Rocket Studios) is the development company for many MMOs contributed to the gaming community. RocketMMO was formed in a thread on Rocket Gaming, a news site for gaming, recruiting members who had experience in programming. The group was formed after the forums' deletion. RocketMMO are developers who found themselves into many gaming communities over time, and then they created their own website and formed their own gaming community. Millions worldwide play their games.

History[edit | edit source]

The group was formed in early 2008, when Rocket Gaming was reaching their prime. They began settling in Rocket Gaming before they left, developing early flash games such as "Rex Battle Arena." and "Lost in the deep." After the sites were moving on, lots of their several games were deleted. The developers at RocketMMO were tired and outraged. They started their careers as professional developers when they first started developing MMORPGs, beginning with their first big project, GFEMMORPG. After the development was finished, they started releasing several updated. They also started their second biggest project, The Jetsons, which is still in its beta.

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