BloodBall sports is a short sports and action game developed by Rocket Gaming, as a few bloggers are starting off to create flash games, this game was the shortest of them all. Bloodball Sports was once deemed the worst Bloodball game, as there are two others going to be created afterward. Bloodball Sports was deleted off the Rocket Gaming site soon afterward, the bloggers there had no skill in developing games. The only had created graphics and one button for the game. After the rights for Bloodball Sports had been handed down to RocketMMO (formerly Rocket Studios as there time developing the game) Bloodball sports had gained a major update. The game was shut down two days later after the update for unknown reasons, either for reputation or something else.


As there were such no skill from the developers, Bloodball Sports only featured a one button control, no configuration nor sound set ups. The button was used only to kick the ball, the character would keep moving forward. There were no points system nor teams. CPUs weren't as active at all in-game. After the update the game had finally activated better CPUs, a team system, a score system

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