Agent Spy was a game developed by a single developer from RocketMMO. It was released on September 14th, 2011. It was a single-player game up until October 12th, 2012. Agent Spy was on kickstarter, and the project met its goals, the developer started development on it before it even got started. Agent Spy was released early for beta testers. Agent Spy was later released for the PS3 on the Playstation Network and a Wii version was also released, both released in November 16th, 2009.

Gameplay Edit

Controlling the character used the WASD keys, shooting your weapon used the mouse, changing weapons would be the scrolling on the mouse. Agent Spy had 12 missions (25 if the expansion packs were downloaded). Most of them required killing gang members, a certain person, hijacking vehicles and going on rampages or, even crazier, taking down a giant monster (last mission for the expansion packs). The game had 'City Roam', which would let you roam around the city, you had the option to kill people in an arcade-y fashion, and the cops would probably get to you. The game had 'Endless Rampage', which is like the rampage in the actual campaign mode of the game, except more things were added, such as bosses, and high score goals. The game also featured a local multiplayer game option.

Trivia Edit

  • The unknown protagonist's first sprites were actually released before the game's idea actually came into mind. The sprite was released on the GFEMMORPG site and was filed under random pictures. A developer who made the sprite took advantage of it and created a game out of it.
  • The unknown protagonist's formal clothes could actually be changed in the Skins. Go under PRE-MADE SKINS and select the Random option. The option isn't actually random, but it is in order and isn't actually listed in the PRE-MADE SKINS list.
  • The in-game clothing changes weren't going to be in the actual game.